Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Choe vs. Britto

To paraphrase a great man, “Art is nothing but Bitches and Money!”

Even though these articles in Juxtapoz and and the Miami New Times are both old news right now, being from last month, I thought it was a bit kismet that both came to my attention at the same time, and I focused on the differences between David Choe and Romero Britto.


Yeah, I know. Looking at these two, Choe a constant artist, L.A. Born and Bred man of action, living on the very edge of most norms, socially, spiritually, and even physically, striving for more, and Britto which could be the poster child with everything that is wrong with art and well, Miami, to a certain degree.

Both come from humble beginning and both are not humble in their work. Troubled pasts haunt both men, their motives are known and worn on the shoulder but widely different, and both take the eye somewhere; Choe to himself, Britto to some vapid space he wants to convince you is good... or into a wall.

I could go on and on about this, but really I'd rather for you, dear reader, have a chance to read and get into these two, and see what I'm seeing; two sides of the same coin, of two artist that could be possibly close on paper, but vary in such a way that it's mind boggling.

Unfortunately, Miami got Tails, and has to deal with Britto. Luckily, we have some hope and guys like Choe are out there, giving us hope that something beautiful can come from shit.

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